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Gardening for Kids
Gardening for Kids

There’s something magical about connecting to Mother Nature, growing your own plants, and watching your creations come to life. Gardening is beneficial for any age, and it makes an even bigger impression on children. Here’s how gardening has a positive impact on children’s body and mind.

  • It encourages healthy eating: By growing their own fruits and vegetables, kids may be motivated to make healthier eating choices. Teaching your child about nutrition and healthy food preparation can be fun and educational, not to mention healthy eating can prevent obesity and other health related issues.
  • Builds confidence, reasoning, and organizational skills: Gardening teaches children patience, reasoning, planning, responsibility, and achievement. Tending to the plants and being a part of their growth process allows the child to engage in real life activity. Through research, learning the different life cycles, and applying simple math and science skills, children can make their own observations and decisions based on what they’ve learned. Watching their own progress with nature builds confidence as they make their seeds come to life.
  • Relieves stress and improves mood and well being: Gardening can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression; it naturally reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. Studies have shown that plants, especially flowers, are known to produce positive emotions and have immediate as well as long-lasting effects on emotional well being and social behavior. Gardening tasks teaches children mindfulness, bringing a sense of overall peace. Researchers have also found that kids are more alert and have improved cognitive function when they have access to green space.
Source: Rasmussen
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