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What Do We Know About Korean Red Ginseng…And What Should We Know?
What Do We Know About Korean Red Ginseng…And What Should We Know?

Korean Red Ginseng is a root herb that has been used as a nutritional ingredient for 100’s of years. True Korean Red Ginseng is only grown on the Korean peninsula. That’s where the right conditions exist. This root is cultivated for as long as 6 years to achieve maximum potency and key beneficial compounds. However, 6 years of growth is part of an 18-year total growth process. To get the best product available, the soil is evaluated for nutrient content for 2 years prior to planting. After the 6 years of growth, Ginseng cannot be grown on the land for 10 years afterwards. So, to produce quality product 6=18!

But what does Ginseng actually do? While most Asian countries have a rich tradition of using Ginseng for many functions in the body, the west typically lags behind in Ginseng awareness. Benefits include:

  • General Daily Wellness Tonic
  • Immune Support
  • Potent Adoptogenic Properties
  • Healthy Energy Levels
  • Stamina Levels
  • Sexual Performance


What is also largely unknown in the west is the adoptogenic nature of Korean Red Ginseng. An adaptogen is an item that will “adapt” to address any number of conditions that may be of concern to an individual. Since these concerns will vary from person to person, having something that is “multi-talented” can be a potent tool in a person’s arsenal of health and wellness.

About KGC:
Korea Ginseng Corp. is part of the world’s oldest and largest Ginseng company, having grown and produced only Korean Red Ginsneg products since 1899. Long viewed as Korea’s national product, the Cheon Kwan Jang brand has been present as gifts to dignitaries the world over. Today, KGC conducts more than $20,000,000 of research into the benefits and uses of Ginseng every year. This work helps produce the highest quality, highest potency Ginseng products available.

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