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1 Week Flush by Michael's - 21 Packets

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  • Promotes Colon Cleansing
  • Aids in Blood Detoxing
  • Encourages Liver Cleansing
  • Stimulates Fat Metabolizing
1 Week Flush? Works on four different levels at once: Intestinal tract and colon cleansing support Support for blood and body detoxification systems Support for liver cleansing Helps eliminate fatty tissue ?storage depots? of toxins Blood Detoxification Factors? (Blood & Body Systems) Iron, zinc, manganese and molybdenum ? needed for detoxification enzymes. Echinacea ? Well known for detoxification properties. Liver Wellness? Liver is central to detoxification of body systems Toxins and free radicals must be de-activated Fat is metabolized in the liver and mixed with bile for digestion and elimination Thiamine ? converted to its active form in the Liver. Also a carbohydrate metabolizer. Nicotinic Acid (niacin) ? for fat and cholesterol metabolism. Pantothenic Acid ? required for the metabolism of fats and proteins (70 enzymes need either pantothenic acid or Coenzyme A). Lecithin ? emulsification of fat and provides phospholipids for incorporation into cell membranes. Choline and Inositol ? metabolism of fat and cholesterol. Threonine ? lipotropic (helps the liver to metabolize fat). Methionine ? Sulfur-containing amino acid necessary to conjugation (liver detoxification) reactions. Vitamin A and Vitamin E ? Both act as anti-oxidants. Milk Thistle ? stimulates regenerative ability of liver and formation of new hepatocytes. Vitamin K ? utilized for the formation of prothrombin, necessary for blood coagulation. B12 ? also stored in the liver. Fiber & More? (Intestinal Tract) Fibers support: Absorption of toxins Inactivation of toxins Rapid elimination of toxins Increase of peristaltic action Apple pectin ? hold metals while they transit the colon and are eliminated. Fat Metabolism Factors? Choline and Inositol ? both are lipotropics. Lecithin ? emulsifies fat. Iodine, Sea Wrack and Chromium ? Energy support. Methionine ? Detoxification support. Phenylalanine ? stimulates the production of Cholecystokinin (CCK) which triggers being satiated.

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