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DHA 100 mg Neuromins by Vitamin Discount Center 60 Softgels

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  • Each softgel contains 100 mg of Neuromins the worlds most studied form of DHA
  • Neuromins is a highly purified form of DHA from microalgae
  • Not from fish oil (which contains EPA)
  • Promotes Mental Development
  • Creates a feeling of focus
DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids that the body requires for a variety of important biological functions. DHA is found in very high concentrations in the brain and retina, and is therefore essential for normal, healthy brain structure/function and healthy vision. A recent study was the first to clinically demonstrate that DHA significantly improves episodic memory and learning functions in healthy adults with age-related cognitive decline. This study, only 24 weeks long demonstrates the fact that DHA is well tolerated and could have a positive effect on gradual memory loss, a significant health concern among the elderly. DHA is also a key component of the cardiovascular system being required for healthy heart function, normal, healthy triglyceride levels and overall cardiovascular health.

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