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Source Naturals L Lysine - 50 Tablets

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  • Crucial for the formation of collagen
  • Supports l-citrulline production, needed in the body for normal protein metabolism
  • Supports l-carnitine production, which is needed for fat metabolism
  • Vegetarian, contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance
l-Lysine is an essential amino acid which acts as a precursor for several other amino acids, including l-citrulline, needed in the body for normal protein metabolism, and l-carnitine, which is needed for fat metabolism. l-Lysine is crucial for the formation of collagen, a major part of the body�s connective tissues. l-Lysine also contributes to energy production when converted to acetyl coenzyme A, one of the principal fuels for the Krebs cycle.
  • 1 tablet daily.

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