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TruMulti Mens Multivitamin By PEScience - 90 Capsules

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  • TruMulti Men's Formula contains premium ingredients
  • Provides mood and stress support
  • Selenium Free and Iron Free
Multivitamins are designed to supplement your daily diet. You do not need a pack of 12 giant tablets to supplement your daily diet. More is not better in the multivitamin realm. You need optimal. We've removed all the fluff so you aren't stuck choking down a handful of tablets.When you look at a standard multivitamin, whether it's athlete focused or not, you always see these blends of 10-20 herbs. It makes us sad to see manufacturers taking advantage of customers with these blends, throwing in every single herb they can think of at insignificant amounts just so they can say their product contains the ingredient.We keep it straight and honest.If you've spent any time researching multivitamins you have probably come across the studies on the disintegration of multivitamin tablets. Disintegration essentially means how much of the tablet actually gets broken down and digested in the stomach. If a tablet does not get broken down and digested, any of the undigested pieces will have a pretty hard time getting utilized by the body.This is why we stuck with a capsuled formula. Other manufacturers use tablets because you can press a whole lot of stuff into those big tablets that feel like you're swallowing dice. But we are a brand concerned on the product having maximal benefit.
  • Take 3 capsules daily.

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