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Flora Advanced Adult Enzyme - 60 Capsules

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  • Enhances proper digestion and provides relief for lactose intolerance
  • Assists in the digestion of fats, proteins, fiver, starch, carbohydrates & sugar
  • Helps overcome GI distress such as gas and bloating from fiberous foods
  • Contains 3 different proteolytic enzymes
  • Provides overall digestive support
Supplementing with Udo's Choice? Enzyme Blends at every meal helps to promote proper digestion.* Full-spectrum to assist in the digestion of fats, proteins, fiber, starch, carbohydrates, and complex sugars--even the milk sugars, and proteins found in dairy products.* With twice the amount of alpha-galactosidase as the other two formulations, and Advanced Adult blend with help overcome GI distress such as gas and bloating that is often associated with fibrous foods (i.e. beans, legumes, and cruciferous vegetables).* Now with 3 times more lactase than the previous formulation, this new formula with significantly reduce symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.* With 50% more lipase than the Adult Blend, the Advance Adult Blend will help to improve fat digestion in those individuals who experience gall bladder insufficiency or have had their gall bladder removed.* This formula contains 3 different proteolytic enzymes that are active throughout the different pH levels of the stomach and intestines, which support more complete protein digestion.* The Udo?s Choice? line of age-specific enzyme blends help in the digestion of protein.* FOR SENIORS: Udo?s Choice Advanced Adult Enzyme Blend was formulated for people seeking extra digestive support* ? especially individuals 65 years of age or older. This is because our ability to digest food and absorb nutrients decreases with age. This full-spectrum vegetarian enzyme blend is our most potent formula to aid in the healthy digestion of proteins and fermentable carbohydrates ? and it helps prevent symptoms of lactose intolerance.*Udo?s Choice? Digestive Enzyme Blends are designed to replace enzymes lost in food processing and cooking, thereby supporting good digestion.* Udo?s formulas use only full-spectrum high protease enzymes with guaranteed activity, using the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) standard of potency. World-renowned nutrition expert Udo Erasmus has created three distinct vegetarian enzyme formulations to facilitat

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