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Solaray Valerian Root Extract - 50 mg - 120 VegCaps

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Relax & Refresh With a strong, easily identifiable smell,valerian has been used for thousands of years to help support relaxation and ahealthy sleep cycle. What Stress? Valerenic acid and other key components ofthe root are thought to help soothe body and mind during times of occasionalstress for a calm feeling. Potency Solaray Valerian Root Extract capsulesutilize both the whole root and root extract, and contain 0.8% valerenic acid.Trusted Brand Non-GMO, vegan and manufactured in our own facility, where wecan manage the production process to provide the best possible quality. Readmore Used throughout the world for thousands of years for a wide variety ofhealth benefits, the name valerian is derived from the Latin word valere,meaning ?all heal.? The use of this calming, sun-grown herb is approved by theGerman Commission E for normal, restful sleep. Taken at bedtime or duringtimes of occasional stress, valerian root may help support mental and physicalrelaxation, a calmer feeling and a healthy sleep cycle. Made with both theextract and the whole root for maximum benefit, Solaray Valerian Root Extract50mg contains 0.8% valerenic acids, key compounds thought to be responsiblefor the root?s calming effect on both body and mind. Superior IngredientsValerian (Valeriana officinalis) (root extract) (Contains 400mcg [0.8%] Valerenic Acids) Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) (root)

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