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Blood Nutrients by Carlson - 90 Capsules

Blood Nutrients by Carlson - 90 Capsules

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  • Promotes healthy blood development
  • Supports healthy red blood cell function
  • Specially formulated with a blend of vitamins and minerals
  • Important nutrients for blood health in every capsule
Blood Nutrients is an advanced formula designed to maintain healthy iron levels, and promote red blood cell formation and hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin transports oxygen throughout the body and is also needed to release energy. Blood Nutrients is rich in important blood building minerals such as iron, and also includes vitamin A, the important B vitamins and vitamin C to enhance iron utilization and bioavailability. The importance of each of these ingredients in supporting optimal blood health reminds us of the basic rule of nutrition: nutrients work together much better than they work alone. Blood Nutrients is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest.
  • Take one capsule daily at mealtime.

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