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Load By Core Nutritionals - 180 Capsules

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  • High potency glucose disposal agent
  • Vegetable capsules
  • No proprietary blends
  • Gluten Free
With the advent of Core LOAD, Core Nutritionals has effectively changed the meaning of glucose-disposal agent (GDA). While most GDAs on the market are single-pathway or single-mechanism formulas with sub-clinical serving sizes, Core LOAD targets multiple pathways and mechanisms through either clinical or supra-clinical serving sizes. And most importantly, Core LOAD reaches these pathways through several non-redundant key ingredients that surgically target both glycogenic (glycogen-creating) and lipolytic (lipid/fat tissue-mitigating) pathways.Core LOAD?s success as a GDA is due to its key ingredients ? and specifically, the major pathways of glycogen storage and lipid metabolism they alter. Specifically, increasing the translocation of GLUT4 from the cell nucleus (its inner portion) to the periphery (its outer portion), thereby increasing the transportation of glucose into the cell; by inhibiting PPAR-Gamma2 and other critical lipogenic/lipolytic genes and gene pathways; by altering the response to glucose ingestion at the cellular level; and by altering other critical messengers in both the glycogenic and lipolytic pathways.While other GDAs may target similar pathways, Core LOAD contains several ingredients that target these pathways through several different, non-redundant mechanisms. Essentially, we have taken every possible step to maximize your body?s glycogen storage, rather than relying on a single ingredient approach. Perhaps more importantly, we have utilized ingredients such a CGA (chlorogenic acid ? a component of green coffee extract) in ways and serving sizes that blow the competition away. While serving sizes as small as 300mg of GGA have been shown to assist in healthy weight management, we included a savage 2g serving! That serving is also anywhere from 3-10x the serving size found in clinical research assessing CGA?s impact on glucose homeostasis and glycogen formation.Now, the critical question, not just for CGA, but for all glucose disposal agents

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