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Hempanol Super Strength - 50 Gelcaps by North American Herb ans Spice

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Categories: Herbs O-Z

Tags: Featured Immune Support, Oregano


  • 100% Raw CO2-extracted organic hemp oil with raw, wild CO2-extracted P73 oregano oil
  • Contains top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene
  • CB2 Receptor Activator and P73 Fortified
  • Supports whole body wellness
Hempanol is the highest grade whole food, organic hemp extract available. This is the CO2 extract of hemp, which means it is 100% raw. The CO2 extract captures all the key ingredients, including the full spectrum of canabanoids and the all-important, super-potent terpene, beta caryophyllene.Hempanol super strength, CO2-extracted, raw, wild oregano and hemp, Hempanol super strength supports healthy overall wellness. Beta caryophyllene, a potent support for all body functions, is found naturally in foods and spices; CO2-extracted wild oregano and hemp are among the richest sources. Enduring wellness is the key for a great life.

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