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LysinC Drink Mix By Dr. Rath Health - 420 Grams

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  • Includes Vitamin C, which helps support metabolic processes, provide antioxidant support, and is essential for collagen production
  • Lysine is a critical to the production collagen fibers and cellular energy
  • Provides immune system, energy, and heart support
Connective tissue is one of the most abundant and widely distributed tissue throughout the body. From elastic skin and blood vessels, to flexible joints, to hard bones and teeth, connective tissue plays a vital role in maintaining the body�s structure, function and integrity. Modern diets cannot assure optimum amounts of vitamin C and lysine - the key connective tissue supporting nutrients - and therefore their daily supplementation is very important. The ingredients in LysinC Drink Mix�have been combined to support their respective functions with respect to cellular metabolism and collagen production.

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