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Life Extension Oral Health - 30 Lozenges

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  • Probiotic for dental health that promotes oral hygiene
  • Lozenge form
  • Provides healthy bacteria that colonize the mouth and inhibit the growth of unwanted mouth bacteria
Oral health disorders are among the most common health problems in US adults.1Regular brushing and flossing is often not enough to achieve optimal oral health. Since the mouth is the major gateway to the body, maintaining good oral hygiene is important for overall health.2Researchers have developed an innovative approach to achieving maximum oral health. The beneficial bacteria in FLORASSIST? Oral Hygiene helps inhibit undesirable bacteria that develop in the mouth and can affect the health of your teeth and gums. FLORASSIST? Oral Hygiene complements any oral care program.FLORASSIST? Oral Hygiene contains the beneficial, clinically-researched probiotic strain ? S. salivarius BLIS M18?. This formula also provides the powerhouse probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 (Immuno-LP20?) which has been shown to support oral immune function and a healthy inflammatory response.FLORASSIST? Oral Hygiene provides healthy bacteria that colonize the mouth and inhibit the growth of unwanted mouth bacteria.3-6 This helps create a healthy environment in the oral cavity.Because FLORASSIST? Oral Hygiene comes in lozenge form, it quickly provides healthy, targeted probiotics to the oral cavity.Dissolving one lozenge of FLORASSIST? Oral Hygiene in your mouth daily can maximize your oral health by optimizing oral pH, easing inflammation, and supporting healthy bacterial colonization throughout the mouth.

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