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Life Extension Male Vasculoar Sexual Support - 30 Capsules

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  • Promotes healthy male sexual function
  • Encourages nitric oxide production for healthy blood flow
  • Supports healthy male sexual response
  • Helps inhibit an enzyme that affects male sexual function
Sexual health is an intricate part of a man's quality of life. Our NEW Male Vascular Sexual Support formula contains KaempMax?, a unique extract of Kaempferia parviflora. A member of the ginger family, KaempMax? K. parviflora supports healthy male sexual function, promotes healthy male sexual response, and supports overall male sexual health.With reports of sexual dissatisfaction among younger men on the rise, Life Extension is proud to offer Male Vascular Sexual Support ? a sexual health support supplement for men of any age.More Facts about Male Vascular Sexual SupportAlso known as Thai Black Ginger, K. parviflora is native to Southeast Asia. It's been used to promote male sexual health for years, but only now has K. parviflora been studied in the west. And the results are impressive: two clinical studies show promise for male sexual function, response, performance, and satisfaction with results seen after 30 days.K. parviflora works by promoting nitric oxide synthesis,3 which relaxes blood vessels and enables healthy blood flow, the key to healthy male sexual response. It also encourages a healthy brain response to sexual stimuli6 and helps to inhibit an enzyme that can affect male sexual response. And it does both of these things independently of hormone levels.Clinical studiesIn an eight-week randomized, double-blind clinical study, K. parviflora extract promoted a healthy male sexual response as compared to placebo.1 Impressed by these results, formulators at Life Extension? set out to confirm the study's findings. In our own clinical study, subjects taking KaempMax? K. parviflora extract standardized for 5% of the active compound 7-dimethoxyflavone for 30 days reported healthy sexual function and satisfaction.K. parviflora did not significantly affect hormone levels in both clinical studies, making it an excellent complement to testosterone health supplements.Our Male Vascular Sexual Support is the only formula made with the clinically studied KaempMax? K. pa

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