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Phytofood Berry Flavor by Nutrahouse - 30 Servings

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Categories: Greens-and-Superfoods

Tags: Green Super Blends


  • Loaded with Over 15 Super Foods
  • Excellent Source of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Supports Everyday Health
  • Easily Digestible & Mixed in Seconds
  • No Sugar Added. No Preservatives
PhytoFood is your Ultimate Healthy Juice Solution. Charged with Over 15 Super Foods and Loaded with Nutritious Vegetables, Wild Fruits, Dark Greens, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics , Rich Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients. PhytoFood is not your typical pasteurized juice found in conventional grocery stores. Our delicious juice mix is a micronized blend of easily-absorbed phytonutrients that deliver a full spectrum of benefits to your body. Our Berry Flavor provides you with the best of both worlds! A nutritious and delicious non-GMO drink that contains no artificial flavors or colors. Less mess and less work in the kitchen - Surely making juices at home can be fun for some, but in some occasions these juices are nutritiously unbalanced and lack whole foods your body is craving for. With PhytoFood you will nourish your body from A to Z and will not have the inconvenience of washing multiple pieces and complicated extractors. Greens PhytoFood enriches your body with life! Our Powerful Greens Complex provides you with some of the worlds richest and most complete whole foods. These superfood greens work in harmony to naturally detoxify, purify, alkaline, and balance your entire body and immune system. Phyto_Image A large variety of phytonutrients that fight free radicals from many different angles. Way more than the typical vegetables and fruits you would find in your fridge, these antioxidants come from a wide range of superfoods, exotic wild fruits and vegetables. Their antioxidant profile is so strong, your system will count on its help to fight free radicals all day long. Fruit Veggie Composed from greens, reds, and blues; our Fruit & Vegetable blend will boost your day and enrich your immune system with essential naturally occurring vitamins that we struggle to consume with our daily meals. Digestive Fiber Fiber is essential for our system because it regulates the conversion of sugar into the bloodstream caused by other low-fibe

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