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Balanced Greens For Total Health Superfood Pineapple Coconut - 8.3 Ounces

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  • Provides rich nutrition and alkalinity from fruits, vegetables and superfoods
  • Supports immune system, cell life, blood, liver, kidneys, pancreas, digestive tract, bones, muscles, brain and thyroid
  • Provides sustainable energy
  • Detoxes and promotes healthy flora in digestion
  • Helps promote healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
Total Healths potent blend provides you with much more nutrient rich power than just a bunch of superfoods. It is a precise recipe with 28 years of history behind it for total health. Choice the superfood blend, that does it all!
  • For extra nutritional support, energy and immune building, put both scoops in a beverage of choice, and drink up.

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