B-Complex 50 Sustained Release by Vitamin Discount Center - 250 Tablets

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  • Available in B-Complex 50 and B-Complex 100 strengths
  • Reliance?s B-complex contains USP grade nutrients
  • Used to increase healthy blood levels
  • Used to promote healthy vascular system
  • Supports healthy cholesterol
As coenzymes (help enzymes carry out chemical reactions) B-vitamins are essential nutrients involved in most metabolic reactions. They play an important role in energy production, particularly from the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These essential nutrients are also important for the production of healthy cells, hormones, neurotransmitters and other vital biochemicals. They are needed for healthy nerve, heart, brain, muscle and other important cell/tissue function. The B-vitamins are water-soluble and therefore, not stored to any significant extent in the body. This is why we need to ensure adequate intakes of these nutrients on a daily basis. Due to the excess consumption of refined and processed foods, the average person does not consume optimal amounts of these nutrients. Our B-Complex-50 and B-Complex-100 provide moderate to high amounts of essential B-Complex vitamins. The nutrients are in a sustained released tablet which binds the nutrients in a special matrix that allows the slow release of the essential nutrients over an extended period of time. This provides a continuous supply of B-vitamins over an extended period of time. test:

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