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  • Provides 25 mg of iron per tablet
  • Combination of iron amino acid chelate and gluconate
  • Both forms are well absorbed and non-irritating
  • Gold Standard Chelates
  • 00% Vegetarian Capsule
Iron is a trace mineral that has several important functions in the body. The major functions of iron are oxygen transport as part of the hemoglobin molecule of the red blood cell and the myoglobin molecule in muscle tissue. Iron also serves as a major cofactor for the energy producing reactions in the body. Supplemental iron is available in several forms including the non-chelated ferrous sulfate and amino acid chelated ferrous gluconate. Chelated iron such as ferrous gluconate has been shown to be more effective at raising blood levels of iron and hemoglobin than non-chelated forms. Our Natural Chelated Iron provides a combination of 25 mg of amino acid chelate and ferrous gluconate per tablet. This form will not result in some of the typical side effects associated with non-chelated iron such as, constipation and nausea. test:

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