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Pycnogenol (50mg) by Vitamin Discount Center - 60 Capsules

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  • 50 mg Pycnogenol per capsule
  • Antioxidant for overall good health
  • Pycnogenol is rich in proanthocyanidins
  • Helps maintain healthy circulation and cholesterol
  • Strengthens retinal capillaries and helps maintaining healthy eyesight
Pycnogenol represents a natural blend of consistent proportions of various compounds such as catechins, epicatechins and oligomeric procyanidins. The extract has four basic properties ? it?s a powerful antioxidant, provides support for inflammation, selectively binds to collagen and elastin (proteins that make up skin, cartilage and other soft tissue), and it aids in the production of nitric oxide which helps to relax (dilate) blood vessels. Pycnogenol has differentiated itself from other ingredients in the marketplace because of its extensive research. More than 170 published studies and review articles ensuring its safety and efficacy as an ingredient have been completed. Scientific evidence on its antioxidant capacity and protective action on the cardiovascular system have been published in the most renowned scientific journals. Many of these applications are protected by U.S. and international patents. Today, the scientific accomplishments of Pycnogenol remain unparalleled, especially when it comes to quality, safety and clinical evidence.

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