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Aller-7 Support by Vitamin Discount Center - 90 Tablets

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Categories: Specialized Formulas

Tags: Allergy Relief


  • From InterHealth, a leading manufacturer of patented nutraceuticals
  • Supports normal respiratory functions
  • Contains Feverfew, Ginger, Bromelain and MSM
  • OptiBerry, a blend of different berries, provide significant phytonutrients
Over 30 million Americans are affected by seasonal discomfort of the respiratory system. This is primarily caused by the hypersensitivity of the immune system toward environmental allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust and mold. The key to solving the hypersensitivity is to deactivate or reduce the body?s over-reaction to the foreign compounds before significant discomfort arises. Aller-7 Support is a powerful and comprehensive blend of nutrients and botanicals that is capable of helping to normalize the body?s response to environmental ?debris?. This response involves helping to support the normal, healthy release of biochemicals that cause inflammation, and other symptoms associated with exposure to environmental allergens.

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