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Saw Palmetto Pygeum Plus By Vitamin Discount Center - 180 Softgels

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  • Prostate support supplement
  • European standardized extracts
  • With Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Pumpkine Seed Oil, Nettle and Lycopene
  • L-OptiZinc to enhance the proven benefits of Saw Palmetto and Pygeum
  • Men's health supplement
As men age, prostate health oftentimes begins to decline. The changes that may occur may lead to increased frequency of urination, disruption of normal urine flow as well as painful urination. The synergistic combination of nutrients and herbs in this formula help support the normal, healthy structure and function of the prostate gland. Saw palmetto has a significant amount of research demonstrating its role in healthy prostate function. Lycopene has been studied for its role as an antioxidant which is critical for maintaining the health of prostate cells. Synergistic ingredients include pygeum, nettle, pumpkin seed oil and zinc, which together help provide support for normal, healthy prostate function.

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