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Vitamin Discount Center Coenzymated Methyl B 12 1,000 mcg 60 Chewable Tablets

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Methylcobalamin is more bioactive than cyanocobalamin, which must convert in the liver to the active coenzyme form methylcobalamin before it can function in the bodyMethylcobalamin aids in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine, supporting healthy blood homocysteine levels.Ideal source for vegan/vegetarians who are at greater risk for vitamin B-12 deficiency.Methylcobalamin helps donate a methyl group to form SAMe (s- adenosylmethionine) which helps support healthy brain function and liver detoxificationMethylcobalamin is essential for the production of normal, healthy myelin; protects the nervous system and supports its function.Vitamin B-12 supports healthy red blood cell production, essential for oxygen transport throughout the body.Vitamin B-12 deficiency generally increases with age because of decreased levels of intrinsic factor a protein normally produced by the stomach and which aids in B12 absorption.

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