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Sun Warrior Lean Meal Illumin8 Superfood Shake Snickerdoodle-720 grams

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  • Our multi-mineral complex derived from marine algae builds stronger bones and prevents bone loss.
  • One serving of vegetable and fruit blend extracts in every scoop.
  • We pack in organic protein from organic and fermented yellow peas that are low in calories and high in fiber to keep your muscles and body well supplied in this essential building block while increasing the metabolism and burning fat.
  • Vitamins perform hundreds of roles in the body, from supporting strong bones and the immune system to converting food into energy.
  • Get 50% of the RDA of Vitamins: A, C, D2, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 from bioavailable and whole-food sourcing.
Welcome to enlightened nutrition! With the help of doctors and nutritionists, Lean Meal was formulated specifically using high vibration nutrients and superfoods to assist with your weight management goals.Get energy-boosting, clean fuel from plant-based superfoods for a delicious smoothie at home or an essential shake on-the-go!Protein, organic superfoods, and the equivalent of 1 vegetable serving and 1 fruit serving provide everything you need for healthy weight loss and weight management as well as provide the energy boost you need to push through your day.
  • Mix, shake, or blend 2 scoops with 10-12 oz of your favorite beverage.

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