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Xylitol Sweetener by Zint - 5 Pounds

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  • Zint Xylitol natural sugar alternative is harvested from non-GMO corn
  • Helps improve oral health
  • Safe for diabetic & sugar-regulated diets
  • 40% fewer calories than sugar
  • Looks, measures and tastes like sugar
Zint Xylitol is harvested naturally from non-GMO corn, though xylitol can also be derived from other fibrous vegetation and hardwood trees such as birch.As a sugar alcohol, xylitol is a completely natural sweetener, not to be confused with artificial sweeteners that have known toxicity problems. Xylitol?s hybrid of one sugar molecule and one alcohol molecule results in a sweet taste that is instantly picked up by your tongue?s receptors. It has 40% fewer calories than sugar, 75% fewer carbohydrates, no unpleasant aftertaste, and a low glycemic index score, making it a perfect natural substitute for sugar.Just like sugar, it can used as a sweetener in any food or drink. In recipes that call for sugar, simply substitute the same amount of xylitol.

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