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Goldenseal Tea by Buddha Tea - 18 Tea Bags

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  • Good Source of Vitamin B
  • 100% Organic
  • Bleach Free Tea Bags / Box
Goldenseal is a short plant native to North America, with a natural range that stretches across the east coast between southern Canada and the northern U.S. It is characterized by broad leaves surrounding a single daisy-like flower, which is followed by a small red berry. The source of the plant?s name comes from its thick, bright yellow root. It is also sometimes referred to by other names, such as orange root and yellow puccoon. Goldenseal was first introduced to western botanists by Native Americans, who had been familiar with and had used the plant for many generations beforehand. Rising popularity of goldenseal unfortunately led to overharvesting, making goldenseal scarce in the wild. However, it is still cultivated in many countries, particularly to make herbal tea. This tea is crafted from the dried leaves of goldenseal.Known by a wide range of names that reference the bright golden color of its root, goldenseal is a widely respected North American plant that produces an equally respected herbal tea.

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