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Irwin Naturals Love My Legs - 60gels

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Tags: Vein Health


  • DIOSVEIN-contains a unique citrus bioflavonoid known as Diosmin that has been the focus of several clinical studies that demonstrate its benefit to the health of veins, capillaries and circulation in the lower limbs.
  • Hesperidin-Sourced from the peels of citrus fruit, this powerful bioflavonoid demonstrates free-radical neutralizing properties and is a great complement to the antioxidant activity of DIOSVEIN.
  • Gotu Kola-Known as the "herb of longevity" in Eastern traditions—this extract is commonly featured in traditional formulations designed to support the health of veins and capillaries.
Some of the most common complaints involving legs include the sensation of "heavy legs," minor swelling, easy bruising, and the presence of mild varicosities and spider veins. These undesirable leg features are often the result of a variety of influences including nutritional inadequacies and modern lifestyle factors that deliver undue stress to the veins and capillaries in the lower limbs.
  • (Adult) Take three (3) Liquid Soft-Gels daily, with a meal and a full glass (8 oz) of water.

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