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Procera Protect by KeyView Labs - 60 Capsules

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Tags: Brain Health

Protect Your Brain Procera Protect is a brain detoxifier that can help neutralize neurotoxic buildup in the brain. • Brain antioxidant protection from free radicals, neurotoxins, stress and aging. • Helps rid the body and brain of neurotoxic buildup, particularly in the form of heavy metals such as mercury • Supports the brains natural immune system The Toll that Keeps on Taking Toxins levy a heavy tax on all of our organs, but they are particularly devastating to the brain where they can be more concentrated. Procera Protect is a natural chelator. What does that mean? Chelation is a process in which an ingredient can bind to, draw out, and eliminate another molecule in the body, including toxins like iron, lead or mercury. However, many synthetic chelating agents are harsh on the body and may be problematic for aging individuals or those who have immune system vulnerabilities. Procera Protect’s natural formula eliminates that worry. Composed of highly researched food and herbal extracts that are considered safe and effective—such as curcumin, resveratrol and quercetin—Procera Protect helps gather up brain toxins and remove them in a softer, kinder way. Procera Protect’s neuroprotective benefits also make it an excellent complementary companion to Procera AVH.

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