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Wiley's Finest Bold Heart Sticks -30 sticks

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Categories: Specialized Formulas

Tags: Heart Health


  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan/Vegeterian
  • Heart health on the go!
Introducing Bold Heart by Cardiosmile�, a unique, patented, and clinically tested technology for optimal heart health. A simple combination of sterols and water, this highly absorbable formula is an easy-to-use, flexible approach to natural and effective cholesterol management. Plant sterols are a natural, heart healthy part of a diet rich in seeds, nuts, and whole grains. For years, formulators have struggled with getting an effective serving of sterols into a product in an absorbable and convenient way. As the only water-based sterol on the market, Bold Heart ensures you�re getting the beneficial amount of sterols you need, in a vegan solution for heart health.
  • Mix with a cold or warm beverage, food, or consume directly from the package. Avoid mixing with acidic foods. Store in a cool, dry place.

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