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Fiber Gummy - 60 count by Vet Vites

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  • Supports regularity
  • Provides prebiotic for digestive health
  • Helps support digestive health
  • May reduce constipation
  • Can boost healing probiotics in the gut
Are you ready for some shocking statistics? Here we go?How many Americans do you think get enough fiber in their diet? For men, fewer than 3% get enough fiber! For women, it?s only 9%!So if you were to look at a room full of 100 men, 98 of them need some extra fiber for optimum health. If you?re a man reading this, that probably means you could benefit from some extra fiber. Or to put it a little more bluntly, there?s a 98% chance you could use some extra fiber. And at Vets Vites, we decided to make it delicious and easy to add a high quality fiber to your daily routine. Try our Fiber Gummy and we think you?ll agree.If you?re a woman reading this, get a bottle for a man you know, and add another bottle for yourself if you want to boost your friendly bacteria and improve your digestive health.We have formulated our Fiber Gummy with natural Chicory root fiber, natural flavors and natural colors.Chicory root fiber has been shown in scientific studies to:Help support digestive healthReduce constipationBoost healing probiotics in the gutProtect the health of the colonJust two to six Fiber Gummies a day can provide the extra help you need to get your digestive system back into balance and improve your quality of life.Make it a new healthy habit for you and your family.

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