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Mouth Wash Whitening by Oral Essentials - 16 Fluid

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  • Dentist formulated mouth rinse that's alcohol and preservative free
  • Made with Dead Sea salt, aloe vera, essential oils and xylitol
  • Supports healthy gums, sparkling teeth, and a cleaner mouth
  • Helps whiten teeth with out stripping or weakening enamel
  • Formulated with out harmful chemicals
Lumineux products are the first on the market that have been clinically proven to enhance and protect the oral microbiome, leading to better whole body health, improved digestion, and a mouth uncompromisingly bright and beautiful! Naturally derived doesn’t have to mean ineffective! This fast-acting coconut-based mouthwash has been scientifically proven to work as well as the leading brand without the collateral damage of most whiteners. That makes this the first clinically proven, daily-use whitening mouthwash

Using potent oils to break up stains, leaving smoother, cleaner and brighter looking teeth without stripping enamel or causing tooth sensitivity, Lumineux offers a daily use teeth whitening regimen that works as well as the leading brand without the pain of traditional hydrogen peroxide based whiteners.

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